Procrastination, under-earning and other things dysfunctional.

o I decided last night to post first thing Monday morning. “Just commit yourself to two hundred words” and then I rolled over and went to sleep.

This morning as I flip through my iPad for the millionth time I feel my brain flatline as I scan the hundreds of articles that are appearing on Flipboard. Some are really well written and I pause to read an inane article about Obamacare, and then notice an article about Natalie Portman‘s social life. Why should I read that, why on earth should I care? Yet I wander off to find out if Natalie is happy, is she eating ok, does she have any new projects? Once done with Natalie, I visit a cooking site, a self-help site and then read an article about yet another 12 Step program, this for procrastinators. “Might be a spot for me.”  and that is how I up writing about my two best friends, Uncle Under Earning and Great Aunt Procrastination.

You procrastinators do not need an introduction to how devastatingly destructive this behavior is, so pay a visit to http://www.procrastinors- to hang with like minded non-movers.

Alternatively, advance up the ladder and join where you can actively quantify your procrastination into financial terms.

Did I mention the time it has taken to write this article could have been spent prospecting, writing for clients or cleaning the house? I am just proud that I finished something on time. Now  I am off to an appointment with my psychiatrist who refuses to medicate me. How is that possible, I must be the only patient on the planet who goes to her psychiatrist to talk and walks away with no script.



About Aimee Marshak

Forgive me for carrying a private battle into the public space.For as long as I remember i have carried this feeling of worthlessness that hangs about me like wet towels. I don't want to live like this and have decided to try write out my stuff for a year or so. I am Aimee Marshak and this is my blog. So why the big happy love sign? My manic defense kicks in now and again, and also, I took that picture and think it came out really well. I am a mass of irreconcilable neurosis and tension. I live with me every day, while you get to visit every now and again. Hi and welcome.
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4 Responses to Procrastination, under-earning and other things dysfunctional.

  1. DougDoesLife says:

    I battle procrastination as well. What works for me is setting a timer and forcing myself to work a set number of hours. I turn it off for breaks and when I begin wasting time… At the end of the day I’m sometimes working to meet my time allotment, but it’s better than watching mindless tv, or whatever else I’d be doing.

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